Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The start of the semester

This semester I'm taking 4 courses; The History of Mathematics (Math 310), Combinatorics (Math 422), Ethcis (Philosophy 240), and Second Semester French (French 102). My initial impressions of each are as follows: History of Math - while certainly not an easy course, I think that history of math will be a very interesting course and I'll be learning things that my professors talk about all the time. Combinatorics - this course is going to sneak up on me I think - While it appears to be glorified counting on the surface - this class is going to be significantly complicated. Ethics - Arguing for 2 hours each class twice a week? What's not to love - Ethics: where being confused means you're doing it right. French - well, meh, I can do it alright, it'll just be some extra studying.

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