Thursday, October 23, 2008

ZOMG Tetris Party!

Nintendo frustrates me - I wanted to BUY Tetris Party after I saw it's preview video. Low-and-behold though, when I go to the Wii Shop Channel - I'm presented with the requirement of updating my console - which I learned thereafter would break all the homebrew stuff I put on. And so until there is a work-around for the new patches, I did the quick and easy thing - downloaded it online and installed it myself. What a GREAT game. So many different modes to play, and co-op tetris is just FUN as anything. Working together (we actually both get different shapes of bricks to work with) it's a race to 150 lines. Our best last night? 86. Not bad, but we'll definitely be playing this one again. Only bad thing about it - random "items" to mess with the other person - not that cool in my opinion.

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