Sunday, October 26, 2008

One week later

After a full solid week of using my wind, absolutely no regrets. I guess I could take this time to explain a little bit more about what I like/dislike. Likes: SUPER Bright screen Ultra portability - this is in my bag every day now Good battery life (even at 2hours I don't mind) updated Bios gives me a real Ctrl, Fn key layout (awesome for touch typing) Stunning looks Dislikes: Trackpad is awful (still usable, and a mouse makes a world of difference) Speakers aren't very good (but I can use headphones just fine) No hardware wifi/bluetooth switch (Only think I kind of miss from my vaio) Other than those super minimal 3 things - there is nothing I wouldn't change in this notebook - I can hardly wait to get more RAM installed and hopefully try out OSX on it someday. Quiet Sunday, grading/french/studying, had a sammich from Subway (yum again). Ready for an interesting week.

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