Saturday, October 25, 2008

Orbit Cafe

What a huge day! So today Bunny and I had the brilliant idea of going to Arguello Market to get SAMMICHES! I love me some sammiches...I got hot pastrami and swiss on an Italian roll with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, other stuff, and avacado. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Bunny got a roasted turkey with similar fixings. And we got a spanikopita. and a small chocolate cake... anyway... So we walked over to the park and sat and ate our lunch and it was lovely out (if not a bit too sunny) but we had a really nice time just eating and watching people and enjoying life. And then we walked over to the Academy of Sciences which I've been dying to go to since well before it opened...but I want to enjoy the experience so I don't want to be there when it's all crowded, which is why we waited a month after it opened to try going. Bad Idea! The lines were so long we probably would've waited at least an hour or more to get inside...ridiculous! Afterwards we went home and went on an excursion to find halloween costumes for Bunny - and after heading to Van Ness, and up Market all the way to such luck. We DID find some really cool Art Deco - retro furniture shops, but yeah those antiques are CRAZY expensive (at least for the good looking pieces). So I was disappointed about the AoS, but walking with Bunny was fun, as always. And the picture is from the Orbit Cafe where we stopped for water and an Italian soda (passion fruit!). It was pretty charming and I wouldn't mind stopping in again sometime.

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