Saturday, November 8, 2008

Putting up the tree in Union Square- Christmas is in the air

I have an ethics paper due on Tuesday! I tried working on it while Teenie and my dad went up to USF for her interviews and stuff, but I pretty much found myself trying to do anything but work on the paper :p This afternoon my dad took us down to Macy's so Marie could get a dress for a fancy party next week, and I needed some slacks :). I got a couple pairs of Kenneth Cole dress-y pants which are awesome and fit like a dream - Marie didn't find a dress :(. As we were waiting for Marie, I caught up with my dad and Teenie at the Starbucks IN MACY's (I didn't know they did that). Anyway, I ordered a blended Peppermint Mocha (bad idea!) I was behind a guy who worked at Macy's buying for pretty much the whole store - I waited over 20 minutes for that COLD coffee drink...and when I finally got it (My favorite flavor) it wasn't even blended properly! It was all chunky iced :( I guess from now on I'll just get it over ice or hot, never ask for something blended. Tonight we had dinner at Kitaro and, as usual, it was awesome.

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