Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas tree number 1

Yes, 1 because there are 2 in this house, 3 including the one on the lawn. At any rate, this is in the family room and makes the den look warm and festive :) Today Eman, Teenie and her friend Mandy went bowling since we had some free passes. We played two games and I came in first for the 1st and third on the 2nd. Eman had the highest score of 121- apparently wii bowling is not an effective training tool. Afterwards Eman and i watched another mystery science theater 3000 movie and as always it was a groaner of a film. I got gushers from walmart- i love those things. Did some shopping with dad too, it was fun. Tomorrow is Christmas eve, but i've got all my shopping done- i think.

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