Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gary Danko

Tonight we tasted heaven. Bunny, Marie, Nick, I were treated to a fantastic meal by my Uncle Robert. Here's the story of how this all happened; On Thursday, Bunny & I were looking through restaurants on Yelp and on a whim made a reservation at Gary Danko's. Within 20 minutes, we received an emailed response telling us that there were no reservations for 5 on Sunday. So we made another reservation at a different restaurant and planned to go there. On Sunday afternoon around 4 pm, I received a phone call from Gary Danko's - there was a cancellation! Marie & Nick were sitting in her room and when I told them that we could have a reservation they both cheered out "YEAH! Gary Danko's!" - so I took the reservation and that was that. I proceeded to call my Bunny & my Uncle to let them know of the change in plans. When we arrived that the restaurant (early, we had to take it all in), we sat at the bar for a while waiting for Uncle Robert to meet us. The MaƮtre d' saw that we had arrived and asked if I was the one she had spoken to on the phone. She told us that since we were so enthusiastic about getting our reservation, she was going to treat us extra special that night :) So we got our table and the waiters gave us not one, but TWO amuse bouches - a small piece of venison with a horseradish cream sauce, and a blini with smoked salmon and caviar. The dinner was fantastic and super filling and delicious and I hope that we can go back someday. The slideshow has pictures of our 4 courses.

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