Friday, January 30, 2009

I can smell the power!

Even though I've never owned a mac, glancing through the last several months of this blog will reveal my affinity for their aesthetics. Here is a G5 intel mac pro that's going to have it's motherboard replaced- i wish i could have done that part myself. Anyway i think it's beautiful and got a hankering to build a pc from looking at there internals, it's easily the most complicated system I've seen in a modern desktop. Although apparently old g5's were water cooled i was told, or maybe it was g4's... Today was the last day of the first week of school, so i celebrated by working on my homework! Study groups are awesome. Also, big hooray- my blog is now the first result for a google search of "john roscigno", which is a credit to everyone that has tried to find me in recent months, so thank you all :) Have a great weekend, check back tomorrow for my next picture!

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