Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love black tea

Bunny and I were exploring downtown and found a tea store called lupicia in the mall. It was nice to find a place that sold leaves since i bought the teapot a few weeks ago. We opted for the fruity black teas here- kiwi and framboise. We tasted the kiwi and honestly i think the fruit is just an aromatic for the tea, but maybe it's because i haven't tasted enough "real" tea to pick up on other flavors. At any rate, it's still better than bagged tea, and it does smell really nice.


  1. CreolevampireJanuary 28, 2009

    Try Mighty Leaf brand tea.

  2. I will eventually - but this stuff is really good - and I learned the other night, VERY potent - a small pot (~2 cups) kept me up for HOURS