Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silence is expensive!

This beautiful car is a Tesla Roadster. It's an all electric vehicle based on the lotus elise body, but this one can go 250 miles on a single charge using no gasoline-awesome. The best part is that since it is electric, the motor is virtually silent! Orders for this $120,000 car have been sold out since 2006, but new models are planned for the future. There are 650 Teslas reserved in the USA currently, but less than that are actually on the road- to put that in respective, there are roughly 300 million cars in the US as of this writing, so the odds of finding a Tesla are 1:460,000. Awesomely rare car. Also today, Lauren and her friend Marci came into the city to visit. Th restaurant I wanted to go to stopped serving lunch at 3, and we got there at 3.15 unfortunately. So we ate at a little italian cafe and had a nice time catching up. Beyond that, quiet day- school starts tomorrow! My first class: Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos.

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