Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academia first then Challenges!

At least most of the time. I spent the dreary day studying for a Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos test coming up on Tuesday. The library looked nice in the light as i was leaving. I'm going to try something new to garner some interactivity between myself and anyone who reads this Blog daily- i want to try having a little challenge contest; meaning readers post a subject or object or basically anything appropriate and in line with this Blog's intent and i'll try to take a picture of it. So since it is a new week- i'll take challenges until thursday wherein i'll them attempt to photograph one or more by the end of the coming weekend. I hope this works out. So here are the Rules: -Leave a comment with a REASONABLE AND FAMILY FRIENDLY challenge -I will read and moderate comments and post the challenges that are acceptable -I will also respond with which challenges I am accepting -Please sign your name after your comment so I know who to respond to -Also - I know most of you who read this blog - so maybe prizes are in order for the best/most unique challenges with the best outcome.


  1. The underground coin vault in World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.


    out of



  2. CreolevampireFebruary 23, 2009

    Can you post an animal picture?

  3. OOH

    another idea...

    Make your own lol-cat

    need the pic...and the caption

    and it must make me laugh :D

  4. Who are these people? Do you know them? MOM

  5. Mom - cDreem would be Emmanuel who you've known since I was 7 and CreoleVampire is Joe, who spent Thanksgiving with us :)