Sunday, February 8, 2009

The best things in life are from Nana

Yesterday i was woken by the doorbell as the postman delivered a package. Contained within was a deliciously large box of homemade cookies from my wonderful grandmother :) These have been my favorite cookies my entire life, and it's always like christmas getting a package in the mail from Nana. I'm also really happy that my math homework was deceptively simple and that after i got the knack of it, everything was done quickly. After that i spent the afternoon grading papers with a pot of raspberry tea (real tea leaves) and some cookies. It was a very nice sunday afternoon overall.


  1. CreolevampireFebruary 09, 2009

    Ninja nana?

    Nana ninja?



  2. Nana = my grandmother. Whom I love. She made me cookies :)