Sunday, February 1, 2009

Phones of many flavors

I've had many many cell phones in the past- over a dozen- but they've come and gone over the years, so I don't have all of them anymore. These are 4 that I've kept around- from left to right: my heavily modified razr- black with gold accents; then a sony ericsson t68-the first color phone with bluetooth, and one of my favorite designs ever; next is a motorola v80, one of the most unique phones I've owned with a swiveling open mechanism and color changing bezel; finally, my sony ericsson k800- the phone i had prior to this k850, and until this my favorite phone of all time. Today i pretty much avoided the super bowl and watch star trek instead. Also, i was angered to see that the economic crunch is effecting my building's laundry services- at least that's the only explanation i can offer for the .25 increase in cost for a load of laundry to 2.50 for washing and drying.


  1. i'm only on my fourth cell phone.. its a sony ericsson k610i. love it!

    the cost of laundry services in my dorm (in Malaysia) has increased too... used to be only RM3 to wash and dry, but now its RM5. =(

  2. K610 is a nice looking phone - I hate doing laundry.