Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss my puppy

Twinkie's such a cute dog - I miss having him around - even if he does nibble on my toes from time to time. Today was quite eventful - first, I was complimented on my backpack the moment I walked out of my front door! Then there was an earthquake while I was in philosophy class! After that the day settled down and I actually nearly fell asleep in psychology class. Tonight Bunny and I watched Dancing With the Stars - and I've gotta say, that Steve Wozniak can MOVE! I voted 11 times for him - as he puts it - The Geek Will Inherit the Earth :p Hope everyone has a good night.

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  1. Joe MaximusMarch 31, 2009

    Twinkie reminds me of a stuffed animal. He's so much fun!!!! ^_^