Saturday, March 28, 2009

My friend Emily from high school was up in the city this weekend, so I spent the afternoon wandering around with her and a guy I went to Jr. High with, Aj - but gee golly we did a TON of walking. Walked from my apt to the DeYoung (15 blocks or so), where we wandered around for around an hour, then walked through the park up to Irving and ALLLLL the way down to Burgermeister (another 16 blocks or so) - then back to my place (15 or so MORE) - all in all at least least 45 blocks (= roughly 4.5 miles) - Sorry guys! But it was fun to visit and catch up and have awesome burgers. Tomorrow is all school work for me, but it's been a pretty nice spring break overall. I think I'm ready for school to start though.

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  1. When we walk for groceries (or for fun to the park) it can be as many as 38 blocks round trip. I bet you've underestimated the number of blocks you walked today, because it sounds like it was quite a trek! But I'm glad you had fun.
    Rest your beautiful legs now ; )

    P.S. I'm ready for school too-- but Capannina on Union followed by SF lights from Twin Peaks, and of course Sutro Gardens with you, really made the break for me! I love you so!