Friday, March 20, 2009

No such thing as a top 5 list

I don't believe in anticipation - this is one of if not the best photo I've ever taken (although feel free to tell me it's not :p) I took this on my last night in Costa Rica in 2006 (Aug. 16th) after spending hours searching for frogs in the dark. For reference, this little guy is about the size of two thumbnails put together (TINY!). I spent a lot of time cleaning up my closet this afternoon - spring break is starting so spring cleaning does too...I'd just love it if I could clear some clutter out of there (papers and other junk). I have a ton of boxes I don't need that would be better off just thrown out (recycled of course). I also watched some more Star Trek: The Next Generation today - I'm over half-way done with the 7th and final season... It's crazy because I started watching the series almost a year ago exactly. But that will be a story for another evening. I think I'll post a few more (or a lot) of my favorite Vacation 2006 photos over the coming weeks (I'll be more active during Spring Break so I should have some fun photos inter-mixed).

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  1. CreolevampireMarch 21, 2009

    He's so cute!!! ^_^ I want him!