Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My new stickers featuring my Twitter name- Twitter.com/JohnRoscigno which i have proudly affixed to my Wind. Hopefully i'll get some new followers from USF and other local areas. My goals for other adhesive advertising include gmail, flickr, firefox, blogger and a new ubuntu sticker without a white border. Until then, i'll attempt to gain new followers from school- hopefully. And if by chance they find this blog, i hope they read it a well from time to time. For anyone interested, the stickers came from www.zazzle.com Update: 11:40 PM I realized that all this time I've been talking about Twitter without ever really discussing it in depth. From a usability standpoint - Twitter is "MicroBlogging" which is an internet based analog to writing little notes in a journal. I guess if you read my blog you'd think of it as a diary or journal of sorts - well, Twitter is a supplement to full-fledged blog posts. I write this blog once each day (except on REALLY special occasions), but I update Twitter a few to many times throughout the day. So when read in conjunction - Twitter + JohnRoscigno.com = my daily stream of consciousness. I enjoy posting on both and hope that it's interesting to anyone that comes across it - and if I manage to get a few more people to join - the more the merrier (Just remember to follow me!)

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