Friday, March 6, 2009

Standing out in the crowd

Bunny's mom suggested once that i should look at the different doors of houses in the city. I think i like the idea of seeing how homes fit into their respective neighborhoods- in this case near the shopping center on California street. This one stands out amongst the others with a vivid garage door and a contrasting palete to the houses nearby. I like it a lot. I got my probability test back today and actually got a B- a far cry better than the F i expected when i walked out of the room on wednesday. Tonight i finally saw An Inconvenient Truth and must say that regardless of your thoughts on climate change and the like, this film is essential in impacting policy change in our administration and world. When support is abundant from the populous, the policy makers are the ones that need to take heed. There's also a good bit about why the auto industry needed a bailout :P

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