Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

A printer is normally a fairly ubiquitous piece of office equipment, but not this one. A few years ago on a whim i filled out an application to do testing for HP. 6 months later i got an email saying i was chosen to test their top of the line all in one printer-fax-scanner-copier. I'm surprised that the reviews for this model have been so low because i still think i'll be using this in 5 years, it's amazing for whatever i need it to do. I've been working on a new project at work with my boss- to re-organize the active directory of the school. Working with Vizio, i have developed a new structure and will actually help implement the changes, which is a HUGE responsibility that i'm really excited about. I also have a small complaint - the people working the desk at OneStop oat USF have the worst math skills I have ever seen - they're clearly not accountants and have no concept of how simple addition and subtraction work - resulting in different responses every time I ask about tuition payments (/rant). Sorry the post is late, the day got away from me.

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