Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I do what I do

I've explained in the past about why I started this blog - I had a new cell phone, it had a great camera, and I wanted a way to share my enjoyment of the technology behind it. Until I started the blog I hadn't really experienced what it was like to have internet access on a truly portable and always connected device. I've been writing this blog for only 7 months (it hasn't even been a YEAR!) and already I've; bought, edited the layout of the site 3 times, and had visitors from over 20 countries. I have my own stake of the internet. After starting, I then discovered Twitter. Micro-blogging throughout the day and posting snippets of it to this blog. I can even post pictures & links on Twitter without posting it here, which to me is simply amazing. I know that in the long run - I'm not reaching millions of people, the majority of people using a computer will never come across, but consider this - if you Google "John Roscigno" I'm in the top 3 results - a year ago I wouldn't have even shown up (secret, there are almost 10,000 search results for "John Roscigno"). I've discovered this video, which I won't spoil for you (a brief explanation is embedded at the end of the presentation) and I find it fascinating. In short - for all of the ways that telecommunications, internet technology, and social interactions are making the world into a much smaller place than it used to be, I'm proud to consider myself a contributing member. (Check back tonight for a new picture!)

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