Thursday, March 26, 2009


Oh boy I actually took a photo today! Not that I haven't been taking any, but I took this one over near the Sutro Baths while having lunch with Bunny this afternoon. The Cliff House is looking out over the ocean and the water was really blue in the sunlight today. It's already Thursday, which means that I only have 3 more days left of Spring Break (2 if you consider that I have to spend Sunday doing homework). It's been a really great week so far, but I'm going to miss having lots of time off when I have to get back into the thick of school again. On the terrifying flip side - I have less than 2 full months of college left - the future is coming up fast! We also finished watching "Who Killed the Electric Car" which is kind of ironic considering that Tesla Motors unveiled their new, surprisingly well priced $50k 100% electric sedan today - it'll be out by Q3 2011 - and I want it to be my 25th birthday present to myself in 2012 - so I better get started working and saving for it. See the car here

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