Sunday, April 12, 2009

Be vewy vewy's egg hunting season!

Oh how the tables turn when the parents have to hunt for eggs hidden by the children! For the last few years, my sisters and I (and recently Nick) have been re-hiding the easter eggs for my mom and dad to find after they hide them for us. Unfortunately for them, we tend to be much more devious in our hiding places than our parents. This year, I won the initial hunt finding 10 of the 36 eggs - and my mom found 19 first when going head-to-head with dad. Dinner was served with lamb, ricotta stuffed shells, and meatballs, Yummy. The ride back the San Francisco was a little painful for me, because I'm still a little sore from the batting cages yesterday. And after finishing my paper, we have the pleasure of hosting our friend Mo formerly of USF and currently of NYC for a few days! I still have a busy week ahead, but at least he paper is finished now, which was the biggest hurdle to jump.

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