Monday, April 27, 2009

Boogie to the Boogie the Beat

Remember I ordered and canceled my order for headphones? The reason was because the website was broken - adding Red headphones to an order resulted in Black headphones showing up in the cart. I called them a few days later to let them know, and was planning on re-ordering soon. After I called, Zagg decided to ship them to me anyway! My new Z.Buds are FANTASTIC! They look really nice, feel great, and I'm happy to have new headphones. I haven't been wearing any for a while, so they might take a little getting used to, but I'm actually wearing them now as I type out this blog (listening to Pandora radio - the best streaming service on the Internet as far as I'm concerned, listen to my favorite radio station here Thievery Corporation Radio) My order also included an invisible shield for my little sister - these screen protectors are amazing and I'll be putting them on every new gadget I get forever - totally worth it. I have a lot more to put these headphones through - they have a mic so I'll have to see how it holds up when making phone calls and such, but so far, I'm finding them to be much better than the ones I had before. /Commercial (/ means end - as in, no more commercial promotion now :p) Today was otherwise uneventful - I was kind of upset because I lost part of a document I was working on and will have to re-do it, and another project I was doing at work didn't work 100% so I have to work on it again too. Tonight I had the pleasure of working with Mathematica again for Probability & Statistics. While I don't think it's terrible, programming is not one of my favorite things, so it feels more like a hassle to get through the homework than a learning experience.

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