Friday, April 24, 2009

The end is near!

This morning I picked up my cap & gown for graduation - May 22nd is the day - 9am (awesome) My dilemma is that students are given 6 tickets for commencement, and 6 only...and I need 12. According to an unknown source (or here) you can see that tickets are in quite high demand. I propose to my family: let's skip the ceremony, and I'll sell the tickets and make $600+! (I know you guys will never go for that...I'm just kidding I promise) I'll work hard to procure the necessary tickets. And that's about it - I'm looking forward to receiving the box that Zagg is sending me, I wasn't expecting anything, but it looks like I really am getting the headphones I wanted because I showed them the error on their website. Still no word on the Green Laser (!) that I ordered.

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