Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know why the polar bear is sad

Because it is freaking COLD outside! Up on the roof tonight it was less than 40F with the 40mph winds blowing around...Terrible. I also had a ton of reading to get done tonight - I'm still working on that. On the other hand though, I did great on the math test I was dreading last week! I'm really happy that I did well, it takes a TON of stress off for the remainder of the semester, at least in Non-Linear Dynamics & Chaos - especially since we're starting to work with Chaos a lot now. Also - please see yesterday's post for a comment by another John Roscigno - Dr. John Roscigno is a Professor of Music and the Director of Orchestral Studies at California State University, Northridge. Find more information about him here. While I've never had the pleasure of hearing him conduct or play, I've known his reputation for many years (and fielded a few wrong numbers intended for him while I was still in high school as a So. Cal native).


  1. wouldn't cold make polar bear happy?

  2. No! Polar bears have thick fur and black skin to keep warm!

  3. Joe MaximusApril 15, 2009

    He just needs a hug. And maybe a burger and a coke. That's what he wants. I'll give it to him, just send it to me here, and I'll make sure he gets it.