Saturday, April 18, 2009

I learned things I never knew today

Did you know the Koret swimming pool is the largest in North America? or that it can be converted into drinking water during a disaster? ME NEITHER! Teenie had her USF campus tour today, which was made private by me knowing one of the tour guides, and I tagged along, since I'd never been on one before. It was fun :) Tonight we had dinner at a nice thai place that made pumpkin fries - they were really good. I took this picture from outside of my parents' hotel - it has a nice view of the Transamerica building.

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  1. San Francisco has the largest pools! Did you know that our Fleishhacker Pool was the largest in the world, and could be seen from space, when it was open? It was 1000 ft by 150 ft, holding 6 million gallons of seawater and lifeguards in tiny rowboats--and wicked highdives-- of course now it's under the zoo somewhere. My relatives learned to swim there. Crazy, huh? But I understand Koret is heated-- SF continues to evolve
    ; ) xoxox