Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It really doesn't look like too much...

I have one month left of college. Just one. 4 weeks + finals. When it comes to the end, it was only 10 classes that I had to take for a math degree - Calculus I, II, III, Linear Algebra, Formal Methods, Differential Equations, History of Math, Combinatorics, Probability and Statistics, and Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos. Easy peasy right :p It's been really hot out these last few days, and tomorrow is going to be really warm too - I'm actually pretty ready for cool weather to come back - I miss my jackets. We had a power outage for 3 hours this afternoon - which, in San Francisco, is pretty awful considering the lack of air conditioning. ITS was hit with the outage on campus, and so my job, which relies 100% on sitting in front of a computer, came to a screeching halt. Still, I had a nice afternoon and am so proud of Bunny for getting in the student art show at USF (even though I knew she would all along). The heat makes me want to have a weekend right away again.

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