Friday, April 10, 2009

Just another day in LA

I was going to post a picture taken of Eman and me - but then I saw this thing and HAD TO post it - I've never seen an ad for math classes (touting Algebra II as the tough class is pushing it I think, but still). I spent the day with Eman playing the wii and getting caught up. I tried out a Wii Fit for the first time - YOGA HURTS! I can't believe how much it hurt to hold the "half-moon" position for 30 seconds, and it's supposed to be like the easiest one! I figured out how to game the soccer heading mini-game - just shifting my weight was sufficient to rack up over 200 points. The same didn't hold true for the slalom skiing game - I was terrible at that one. We also went down to the Grove to see Duplicity - it was an alright movie - but not as good as the Ocean's trilogy in my mind. It's been really nice at home, I worked on my paper for a bit, it's coming along. Oh why not...2 pictures tonight

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