Thursday, April 30, 2009

More fun with lasers

I've been shining a green laser beam at just about everything to see what it does - I really like how the chandelier looks at night (I wish it photographed better outside, the beam is AMAZING). My mir:ror has been really interesting too - I've written some really neat functions; the yellow nano:ztag starts up Pandora radio when it's placed on the mir:ror - and exits when it's taken off. My remote control now starts up my blu-ray software and opens the drive tray when I wave it over the pad. These functions aren't really necessities, but I really like trying to figure out functionality for them. I think of it as a Tactile Computer Experience - where normally everything is done through a series of keyboard/mouse interactions, this device lets me actually interact with my computer in a way that would otherwise be impossible - and so I find it amusing :) Other than that, school is going fine, this week is flying by - and I had an interesting time learning a bit of mathematica this week.

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