Thursday, April 2, 2009

NASA Grants are fun

The physics department got a grant from NASA this year - so they purchased 3(!) 12" Meade telescopes with all the bells and whistles - They're amazing machines and so much fun to use. One caveat - the rooftop that we have night sessions on is completely open to as much wind as San Francisco cares to supply us with (which is TONS) It's ridiculously cold up there and the wind makes for really touchy viewing. But looking at the Orion Nebula is fantastic - we haven't stayed up there late enough to get some of the dimmer deep sky objects, but I'm thinking we'll head up late one night just for fun sometime soon. I unfortunately don't get to use the 20" research scope they also bought, because its DOME hasn't been built yet - but I've been granted admission to use it whenever I come to visit the physics department :)


  1. Joe MaximusApril 03, 2009

    Your posts are as long as my reseach on term papers I've written :P

    Your astronomy department sounds AWESOME.

  2. How nice that the physics department is allowing you access to the big one! It must have been freezing up there last night. I'm glad you weren't blown off the roof! We thought we just had bad insulation here at home, but then we realised we'd left the garage door open an inch at the bottom, and the cold air was circulating up the stairs~ last night I slept like King Tut with a blanket over my head and the heater on full blast ;) The wind's supposed to calm down for the weekend. Can't wait to see you!