Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One of the best views on campus

The clouds came in tonight covering just about everything that's worth observing through a telescope from campus. But, as you can see, as dusk turned to night, the view was stunning. So the TA's spent a little time enjoying the cool breeze and slowly fading light up on the 9th story roof. Another hot day today, but tomorrow is apparently going to be nicer - I hope. I had a nice lunch with my friend Naod and we talked about what life after college would be like - we're all in the same boat right now, just trying to figure out what to do - he's waiting to hear from grad schools, I'm looking for jobs. I watched a silly sci-fi movie tonight from 1978 called "Capricorn One" about the government faking a Mars landing - really good cheesy stuff there, though not quite cheesy enough for a Mystery Science Theater 3000 rendition. I also was looking a couple of interesting gadgets - the Ooma Voice over IP (read: internet telephone) system, and the Violet Mir:ror - a little RFID gadget that lets you program little tags (Ztamps - like stamps, get it?) to activate different functions on your computer. A little unnecessary, but nice uses of solid technologies nonetheless.

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