Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shake it up

No it's not a light show - it's a dual-halogen spotlight lamp in my room. I read about "camera tossing" a while back and still like the interesting shots it produces; Yes, I actually throw my picture-taking device into the air (over my bed, I'm not that crazy) - and usually catch it before it lands. The results aren't always great (lots of pictures of my hands), but when stuff like this shows up I'm satisfied (and obviously bored enough to try it when I'm cleaning up my room). I have a story; I had some extra cash from selling a collectible a few weeks ago, and thought I wanted a new set of headphones. Now, I'm really satisfied with the scratch protection offered by Zagg Invisible Shields, and saw that they're now selling two types of headphones, Z.Buds and Zaggphones. After deciding on the Z.Buds, I tried to order the RED ones (red is key here). I add them to my cart, and place my order. When I look at the receipt, it says I ordered the out of stock until May 5th BLACK ones! WHAT HAPPENED? Turns out the website is broken, you can't actually buy the Red Z.Buds. I emailed the company and asked them to ship me red ones since they were just letting my order sit (after charging me mind you), and their response was basically - we can't and we won't. So I cancelled that order (on Monday). Today, they still hadn't actually cancelled it, so I called them up this morning. The customer service guy was pretty helpful, and said he'd inform the website management that their ordering system was messed up and got my refnd proccessed- but that was it. I find a pretty HUGE problem on their website, and they don't even say thank you. I found the headphones MUCH cheaper in other onilne stores than on their website - so if I do order them, I won't actually order from Zagg at this point. Well, if you want a scratch protector for just about any electronic device, I reccomend Zagg Invisible Shields, otherwise, don't bother.

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