Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer got confused and showed up a few months early

I had a really nice weekend with my parents and little sister visiting, we had a lot of fun. I'm pleased to say that I've started to get down to business with this whole, I'm graduating and will need a job thing... I sent my resume to the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco for an opening in their tech support group. Hopefully it'll come to some fruition, I think I'd enjoy working for an institution that would allow me to take some art classes for free - I'd probably take some digital design or photography :) In other news; it was so hot today! The weather this weekend has been really beautiful and sunny, but it's on these days that the lack of air-conditioning really starts to get to me, sometimes I just want to hide in a dark room (except that my computer increases the ambient temperature, so that's another hurdle). I'd also like to take a moment to wish my Uncle Robert a happy birthday! This picture is of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from the West side looking East that I shot back in 2006 and just came across recently.

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