Saturday, April 25, 2009

That day we explored and did new things

What a fantastic day! Bunny and I went adventuring this afternoon. First we started walking down towards the beach - a long trek in its own right (~50 blocks). When we got to the Sutro Cliffs, we decided to walk along the Costal Trail, which goes from Sutro all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge if you follow it the entire length. Here we found a seculded, but clearly defined path off of the main trail (as you can see). We headed down, down, down, and ultimately couldn't go any further, but it was really beautiful to see the trees covering the path like this. Once we finished exploring off the trail, we hiked up and down the Coastal Trail for another mile or so - but by then we were a little tired. We started to head back towards the apartment, and ended up going to the sushi restaurant I really like with the little boats. Bunny tried sushi for the first time and liked it! We had a lot of fun picking out the little dishes off the boats (and got told not to touch them unless we actually wanted to plate - eep!). All in all about 7 miles - but it was so much fun :)

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