Friday, May 15, 2009

All the pretty colors

Alright you've really got to picture this one right now - I decided to put the Windows 7 RC on my Wind netbook - which is amazing right now. If you've got a computer to try it on, I highly recommend it. But since I'm doing it at my decidedly cramped-for-space desk, I have keyboards, mice, dvd-drives, phone, monitor...all hooked up in about 4 square feet of space (probably less). It's a little packed. Spent the first half of the day studying for my Stats test next Thursday - feeling good about all of my finals at this point. Later this afternoon, I went with Marie to get glass for her glass-blowing at a store somewhere in Richmond. It took forever to get there, we got lost a few times...As you can see though, the glass looks really pretty and it came in so many shapes and sizes. This is like 1% of it (maybe less). Afterwards, we had some really great pizza at Zachary's - really nice deep dish pizza, yum. And so another day ends. Oh yeah, and that box in my closet is calling out to me - I must resist that temptation ;)

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