Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't fall in

Yes, this is a VERY noisy photo - but give me a break, its a volcano that I took a picture of from an airplane (not the greatest conditions). Wow so tonight I'm late posting, but it's because I'm trying to get a paper finished. Well, it's pretty much done, but I want to work on the extra credit paper too - so I'm going to be a while. I FINALLY heard back from somewhere I applied, but the tutoring position has really small hours to start, which is kind of the opposite of what I need. Hopefully though, something else will present itself. Today has felt like non-stop, but really I have ONE DAY of class left (my Thursday class was canceled!). One day of class, and 3 days of finals...that's the end of college for me. Also, I'm super excited because I bought Emmanuel's plane ticket to come visit me in June :) It's his birthday present from me - it should be a really awesome weekend when he comes up.

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