Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't look over the edge

I couldn't get the effect on this one quite right - a macro lens would have been great - but these are fun little magnets on the fridge set up in a precarious situation. I spent a lot of time today transferring my Star Trek DVDs onto my desktop with a really nice combination of software - DVD Shrink and DVD43 for ripping the discs and DVD Rip from Lifehacker to automate everything. I got 2/7 seasons done - 63GB today. Beyond that I had some really great BBQ with Marie, Nick, Sterling & Virgil, and listened to a lot of Pandora. I also watched an episode of a really great show from the Sundance Channel on Netflix - it's called Eco Trip. The basic premise of the show is showing the environmental impacts of various products such as chocolate, cell phones, and t-shirts. I watched the first epsiode about chocolate and I think the show makes an excellent point about being more aware of what you eat and buy. I was also a little biased because of a podcast I like, "Stuff you should know" (iTunes link), teaching me a lot about high fructose corn syrup I didn't know; Did you know that the chemical normally produced to tell you that you're full isn't created when you consume hfcs? And that hfcs - which is fructose of course, can only be used as sugars for the liver, whereas natural sugar, glucose, can be used by virtually every cell in your body? When fructose consumption reaches its threshold in the liver, it is turned into triglycerides (fat)... basically the moral is avoid hfcs as much as possible (which is hard because it's in a TON of foods nowadays). A little bit is ok though. Also - I tried Virgil's Crocs on - I'm totally getting a pair (just not the clogs). I'm looking forward to the Polish Festival tomorrow afternoon, should have some really great food and the dancing was entertaining last year. p.s. - let me know if you like having links to all these things I talk about.

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  1. Joe MaximusMay 03, 2009

    I do like having the links to all this things you talk about...even though I really don't have to go to the Star Trek link...I mean really...

    Plus without the links your posts wouldn't be linkalicious.