Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sterling and 1000 Tweets!

This will mark the 147th blog post at and on this occasion, I've managed to accrue 1000 (!) Tweets on Twitter in slightly less time. I've managed to get a few new followers over the last couple weeks, which is pretty awesome, and over 3000 visits over the lifetime of this blog! (full disclosure: not unique visitors). I'm the first hit at on Google and have a comment from another John Roscigno (who's not my dad). Meanwhile, it's Marie's friend Sterling's birthday today, we had a lovely cake from Schubert's Bakery. I had some computer problems earlier this afternoon, but with a lot of work (and system restore) I have everything working nicely tonight. And this post is brought to you courtesy of an Apple Airport Extreme router (not mine) - visiting our apartment for a few months from Nick - which has been stable since we got it hooked up properly (despite some networking problems with my printer). Apple is giving me a strong case to convert from Windows - We'll see what's in the cards in months to come. EDIT: Let me just say, I am really not an idiot - but this is the 247th blog post. 247!

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