Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm going to be up all night

Bunny's art is in the Thatcher Gallery! Whoever gets a chance to should really go check out her amazing paintings, Cross Polination, Ascent, and Theater, they're much more beautiful in person (harsh lighting meant it was hard to get a good photo). The other works are alright, but a lot are meh to me (meh meaning I'm indifferent and show no favor nor specific dislike). I was kind of disappointed at the selections for awards, the student choice award went to a particularly ugly portrait of a professor's baby (as opposed to beautiful paintings and sculptures in the gallery) - clearly I wasn't on the selection committee. And tonight I am fueld by Mountain Dew Throwback, so potent with REAL SUGAR (not evil high fructose corn syrup) that it actually glows on its own. This weekend should be busy with plenty to do, but I'm sure I'll get it all done. Also amazing today - the Augmented Reality Star Trek Experience - this is really just super cool - I tried it with limited success (because my webcam is attached to a notebook with a 10" screen, not really ideal) - but it's so amazing to see the virtual Enterprise show up on screen. I also watched the second to last episode of Star Trek: TNG tonight - I only have one more episode before I've finished the ENTIRE 7 Seasons! And what will I do once I've finished? Go back through all 7 seasons and note my favorite episodes, obviously. Then watch the movies eventually. When they're on blu-ray for more amazingness.

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