Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last week of classes

3 days of college classes left. That's it...then I'm finished and have finals. Honestly my mind is trying hard not to melt down. I was feeling kind of nostalgic (and relieved) as I finished grading the last set of papers for math 100 today. So many things are going to be happening and changing, I'm really excited and scared at the same time. This little car was in the Lucky's garage last Friday - it's an MG MGA and in pretty good condition. The note on the windshield is the management telling the owner to move the car, and apparently security likes the car too, they watched me take this photo. Marie's birthday was today, and it's mother's day - so my best wishes to all on this evening, I hope the day was wonderful. Tonight I had a nice dinner at home with Marie and Nick, we ordered from Star India, our favorite Indian restaurant with super convenient online ordering. And I finished backing up my Star Trek DVDs - 211GB total (but I had plenty of space for them) And now I don't have to open all those boxes up to watch the shows.

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