Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop and smell the

Oh what a night! It's really quite nice out - despite it being quite hot in my bedroom (running a computer all afternoon will do that...but those backups don't make themselves!). It was a bit rainy, a bit humid, and a bit breezy today, all types of weather I enjoy, just not necessarily all at once. Tonight I'm enjoying the quiet and the lovely roses from Bunny's mom's garden - they're really lovely, and I can smell them when I turn over in the night. I went on an adventure for ice cream tonight - I was thinking about a Choco Taco in honor of Cinco de Mayo, but ended up discovering that the 24-hour Wallgreens doesn't carry them and got Ben & Jerry's instead, which is probably better since there's no HFCS in their ice cream. I'm really starting to feel the semester wind itself down now, I have one week of classes left and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Although the abrubt halt next week will just remind me taht I have finals in 2.

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