Wednesday, May 13, 2009

These are for me...

Some packages have appeared with my name on them - but I was given explicit instructions to not open any box that arrived so I can't look inside...until graduation. Speaking of which, today I went to my LAST COLLEGE CLASS! I don't have any more days of learning left in college, I'm in shock. All of my homework is finished, and all that's left is finals. I have 4 days left of college (as in 4 days where I'll be in a classroom at some point, 3 if you figure that one of my finals is just dropping off a paper). It's a pretty amazing feeling to have gotten this far, next week is only going to get more exciting as I approach Friday. So tonight Bunny & I watched "Trekkies" the documentary about the Star Trek fans that go by the same name - wow they're kind of eccentric to a degree that I never want to be. There's even multiple terms - Trekker and Trekkie (although no clear definition separating them). On a related note - my Enterprise Statue was delayed (again!) and won't be shipping until June 3 (which is kind of bittersweet, I'd love for it to ship on my birthday). Busy day, busy night - tomorrow is a day off, which should be nice except that I have to revise a term paper for Friday. Oh yes, and there is a woot-off right now!

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