Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Boldly Go...

I have been waiting so long to post this photo. Before you are 49 Star Trek: The Next Generation DVDs - the entire series. 178 Episodes. I finally watched every single one of them and have loved every minute of it. Really, there's a lot of human lessons that can be learned from ST; be it honor, diplomacy, how to face adversity, hardship, racism, sexism... social issues are a running theme throughout the series. And yes, I'm looking forward to watching them all again, probably before I see the movies, and mostly because I'm trying to hold out until they come out on Blu-Ray. And since this is the opening weekend for the new movie (though a mere coincidence to me finishing this series), I should probably say that I'm not a fan of, nor necessarily plan to explore, the original series from the 60's. What I find fascinating about The Next Generation is the dedication to a code of conduct (the Prime Directive) and Picard's way of making it work in order to help, rather than hurt, others. Not that Kirk is a bad guy (he had the directive too) - but he was kind of just zooming through space doing whatever he wanted as far as I'm concerned (if anyone in my family or friends is a die hard Original Series fan...I apologize, I don't want to step on toes too much). In all fairness, I'd probably watch all the original movies too, they were just released on Blu-Ray as well - I probably wouldn't take the time to watch 3 seasons of the show however (maybe the Tribbles episode...)...ok who am I kidding...given the opportunity I'd probably watch the Original Series too...but I prefer The Next Generation (go Data & Jeordi). Also can't wait on my 17" Enterprise-D, coming soon (I really hope!)

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