Monday, May 4, 2009

Under the sea

Lots of tasty fishes for me! Bunny and I returned to Sakana Bune (I just learned the name today!) I highly recommend it, and the boats are tons of fun for atmosphere, and the sushi is phenomenal. I'm really getting into the Eco Trip series on Netflix - except that it's making me want to go all organic which is daunting financially. Organic t-shirts are expensive! But I got an organic chocolate bar from Trader Joe's and Bunny's been buying organic fruit & veggies for years, so we're working towards that end slowly but surely. It started to mist and then rain today - which is nice considering how dry it's been (and windy), but hopefully it won't pour - I don't like carrying an umbrella. I have 4 or less lectures in each of my classes from this point forward - how exciting (I was going to say scary, but I'm really not that scared, it's just going to feel like forever even though my days still feel long).

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