Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to the Bay

I drove back to San Francisco this morning/afternoon. Again, I was listening to Anathem on my ipod to pass the time. The book is getting very interesting and starting to pick up pace, which is nice after 9 hours of listening. I also got an interesting phone call this afternoon - one that I had to actually stop off the freeway to take. Basically, I had sent my resume out to some marketing opportunities listed on Cragislist. Well, one of them called me back today, and asked for an interview. I was pretty excited, until I looked the company up online and found out that it's basically a pyramid scheme selling internet service door-to-door. Needless to say, I won't be attending the interview in the morning. I know this will post as Tuesday, but everyone knows by now that I have a tendency to write this blog after midnight, so really, let's talk about my birthday. 22 has arrived and I'm looking forward to the dinner Bunny and I will be having :) And then of course, there's this baby photo that my dad dug up while we were looking at slides on Sunday.

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