Monday, June 22, 2009

David & Goliath

They were parked outside, I thought it was beautifully ironic. Today was cleaning day - the morning was spent scrubbing the inside of the refrigerator (not a pretty thing) and the afternoon was spent cleaning the oven and windows (and I am so sympathetic to owners of ovens that aren't self-cleaning). Does anyone realize how ridiculous the warning label on Easy-Off is? Basically, if you use the stuff, you're probably going to be poisoned...So now I too am probably poisoned, check back next week and see if I'm still blogging (and I don't mean to see if I've once again fallen behind on posts). The day was also spent tying up some loose ends - namely, Dim Sum. I had to have it from my favorite place once more before I left (their cha su bao is so great!). I also picked up a bottle of my newfound favorite hot sauce from Lucky's (just in case it's not in SCV). Tonight we watched Wall-E again, but this time we turned on the Pixar "geek track" commentary - which basically turned the movie into Mystery Science Theater 3000 to our great amusement. And finally - there's a Woot-off - watch the flashing lights.

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