Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Forgotten Titles (or a light up car)

I installed these color changing LEDs in my car yesterday - they cycle through 7 or 8 different colors. The bars are in the footwells of the front seats and under each of the front seats to put light into the back seat as well - they're a lot of fun, and the controller has a ton of different modes to cycle through the colors - or just pause on whatever color you like best. So now the stereo screen, the box in the center console, and my floors all cycle through colors - which is awesome. Driving back to SF was really tiring - I listened to my book and all was fine, but just the sheer amount of driving I've had to do has been pretty draining. I also brought back a bunch of study materials to prepare for tutoring - I'm actually happy to brush up on my geometry skills.

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