Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My day!

My day of birth it was. Bunny took me out to a wonderful restaurant downtown called The Fifth Floor (it really is on the fifth floor of the Hotel Palomar). We had some really interesting and flavorful food - from the roasted pepper stuffed tuna balls and crab bisque cappuccino to my honey glazed and roasted duck with turnips and radishes to her lobster sauced chicken and hazelnuts. We were there really early for the dinner service (although I'm not sure how 7 pm really classifies as super early, but the place was empty) and were treated to a really interesting amuse bouche of a three-grain salad (quinoa, millet and corn) topped with a pineapple ice and another amuse with a citrus prawn. The pineapple over the grain was really tasty despite the odd combination of ingredients. Prawns are always delicious, as was the entire meal. When we didn't order dessert (Marie and Nick got me a cake and Bunny and I had chosen pastries from Schubert's) they brought us a small plate of 6 different little cookies and treats - all of which were also wonderful. I would love to go back there some time, the place oozes elegance and style (but it was still comfortable and not stuffy). Bunny also bought me the wonderful teapot pictured above, sitting wonderfully next to the teacups I received from my aunt and uncle and cousins. I only wish I had remembered to bring back the international teas my dad got me in Germany - but I'll have them next week so not all is lost :) Bunny also gave me the Royksopp CD: Melody A.M., one of my favorite albums of all time. All in all I had a WONDERFUL birthday and couldn't be happier.

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