Friday, June 12, 2009

Safari Time!

I know, it's a TON of pictures, but this is partly a gift for slacking off lately and not getting new pictures up every night - but also because look at how awesome Safari West was! There were amazing and beautiful animals around every corner, and 90% of them weren't in cages. Truly a unique experience, I can't wait until I get a chance to go back. The day was perfect, I had a fantastic time with Bunny and we finished the night off wonderfully with a sushi dinner :) A little more about Safari West - 400 acres of land with somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 animals at any given time. The animals pictured are a lemur, giraffes, white rhinos, macaws, cheetahs and a monkey (not exactly sure what kind but it's an African one). They also had many species of antelope and gazelle, wildebeest (aka gnus), cape buffalo, zebras, impalas, a serval cat named Bubba, and a huge aviary with dozens of bird species.

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