Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 days past July

Two pictures for very good reasons; 1) the fireworks were pretty and it's the 4th of July so Go America and whatnot. 2) Twinkie enjoying his BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE! Our little man is 8 years old today - and I think he's officially turned into a cat at this point - he sleeps a lot and treats me like his servant. My parents have me giving him plates of food as "peace offerings" because he only seems to ever attack my feet on a regular basis. We saw Ice Age 3 tonight in 3D - I'm not really a fan of the new style 3D glasses - they make the screen look dim and muddy. The movie itself was pretty good, I was laughing a lot, but the story wasn't quite as good as the previous two in my opinion. Before the fireworks started I got to try the Tuti Fruiti yogurt shop at the mall - their plain fozen yogurt is really good too (not quite Ce Fiore, but still nice to have) - but their pricing scheme is entirely new to me in terms of frozen confections - you dispense however much frozen yogurt you want into a cup, and pay by the ounce (though I realize you're probably cheated out of the weight of the cup). After the fireworks show, we drove home in my car with "Galvanize the Empire" (a remix using the Imperial March song from the Star Wars films) blasting and the lights in my car were flashing to the beat - I had a ton of fun this evening and my dad was awesome for turning UP the volume.

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